Thursday, November 8, 2012

Movie Topic: "My Favorite...I Don't Know What"

It's not a guilty pleasure because I genuinely think it's good. It's not underrated because, my opinion not withstanding, I recognize it's not the greatest movie ever. But Volunteers (1985) somehow holds an undefined place in my heart.

It was a sit down and watch with the family movie when I was younger and I just watched it last week with my wife for the first time in years and still enjoy it. It stars a pre-"Big"/post-"Splash" Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, John Candy and Gedde Watanabe (aka the Donger) who are all being closely watched by the Commies, the Black Marketeer and the CIA as they attempt to build a bridge in southeast asia... hilariousness ensues.

Tom Hanks recently did an interview on the Nerdist podcast that clocked in at over an hour where he talked about damn near every movie he ever made except for this one. Why is this so?

I release this movie unto you fine gentlemen. Is it a well kept secret or appropriately lost in the annals of movie history?

I offer you up this brief clip to either differ you away or get you to watch.

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