Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Robert Anton Wilson - Trajectories

'Trajectories' was the name of Robert Anton Wilson's newsletter which was published highly irregularly. The book "Chaos and Beyond" is a collection of some of the best articles.  Some of the issues would arrive in paper form, as a video tape or as a cassette.  Recently found of youtube were two of the video issues.  In these, RAW talks over a video of an aquarium. 

Issue 13

Issue 15

The great fan site Rawilsonfans.com has several of the other trajectories in PDF format.  A great read if you've got time to kill. 

Trajectories Spring 1979

Trajectories Fall 1981

Trajectories March 1982

Trajectories Spring 1993 12

Trajectories Spring 1995 14

Trajectories Autumn 1996 16/17

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