Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why I'll Never Trust Futurama Again...

An 11 hour shift. Dog eats some poop. Finally ate dinner, at 9 o'clock at night. Things were not going well that random weekday night.

I know what will cheer me up, some Futurama.

It'll take 22 minutes. Bender will drink some alcohol, one liner from Professor, maybe Scruffy will show up. I'll laugh and all will be well in the world. Oh look this one is called "Jurassic Bark" hilariousness shall surely ensue.

And then...

9 Saddest TV Episodes of All Time

6 of the Saddest Episodes of Television to Ever Hit the Airwaves

The 30 Saddest TV Deaths

By simply typing in "TV Saddest Episodes" into Google these are the links that pop-up. Countless articles, blogs, forums and debates but all of them reference Fry's dog Seymour featured in the episode. That son of a bitch will leave you in tears.

As it got too dusty in my apartment to see I was forced to turn off the XBOX and what came next was not relief, not sadness, nor guilt, nor guilt but sheer anger. How dare they do that to me? I came to them and their four fingered antics for a laugh and a pick me up. What I got was utter heartbreak. So let this serve as a warning to you all "Jurassic Bark" when not properly prepared is a horror of a scenario. But if you are in the mood for as good of a cry as "Dear Zachary" look no further than this guy.

That glorious/evil bastard.

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  1. Oh Man.

    Stories about a boy and his dog always end up that way.

    Old Yeller, Where the Red Fern Grows, Marley and Me.

    I guess Lassie might be an exception, but only because if they killed off Lassie the story would necessarily end.