Friday, September 9, 2016

Easing Back In

Great to see all of you out there in Radioland again and to misquote my good buddy Jim Anchower, "It's been a while since I've rapped atcha"

I can't remember all that I've been doing since we've hung last, but I've been out and about doing stuff and am happy (?) to report back that the world is just as it was when I left, only crazier.  After a long hiatus, I'm back on the bus with the Grateful Dead.  It's no secret, or maybe it is, that the band and more importantly the culture surrounding it have been a major influence in my life since I was a little kid *teenager*  The music and I had parted ways a while back, checking in with one another occasionally throughout the years since Jerry died, but the *counter*cultural influence never left.  Anyway, I caught up with the Dead and Co. at Fenway park on July 16th and in the run up to that show found the music again, but with new ears.

I went to San Diego with the family last April.  For those out there who don't know, I lived out there for 5 years and that was another huge influence on who I am today.  It was great to be out there again visiting old friends and family, eating good food and drinking good beer.  I've always said that California is lost on Californians and I still think that is true, but I'm glad that my brother is living out there so I still have a connection to the place.

I started brewing beer too.  Mikey "The" C will be glad to read that I have come around to hoppy beers.   I went to my local boozeroo and saw that they were running a free "Learn to Brew Beer" class.  So I went with my neighbor.  And we were the only two people there.  So it was basically a one on one lesson with one of the boozeteria's homebrew supply side's beer brewing expert.  We got 5 free gallons of SummerPorter out of the deal and the knowledge and confidence to brew our own going forward...teach a man to fish and all.  But more importantly, I gained a new hobby and one with a huge rabbit hole, so stay tuned.

I'll leave you with some Rock and Roll to take you into the day or night.  Track 13 is a song that sums up this report pretty nicely and as always, Play it Fucking Loud, it's Rock and Roll after all.

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