Monday, August 22, 2016

So, at what point do you decide you have ADD/ADHD and start thinking about how Adderall will improve your life, or do you just have a lot of interests?

I enjoy a lot of things: reading (comics, books, magazines, online content), writing, drawing, playing (not so well) my guitar, listening to music, playing games (board games, RPG's), gardening, running, swimming, snowboarding, taking courses (work related and not)...etc. The list really could go on.

I will rotate through and them and spend various amounts of time on all, but not enough on each. I've taken all the online questionnaires for "Adult ADD Symptoms", and can go either way.

I really enjoy all of the things that I enjoy. Part of me doesn't want to take medication and potentially lose some of my interests, yet the other part is curious to see what I may accomplish with the desired effects of medication. I guess for now I will continue the rotation and see what happens. For now.

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