Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Experiments in the Revivial of Organisms" Redux or "Life Beyond the Dead"

Though I could expound on the Dead for a while, and probably will at one point, my musical interests go well beyond what they have to offer.  A quick scan down any of my musical related posts will bear that out.  Here are some nuggets that I found this morning that spin in an entirely different direction.

Consider the first one an appetizer to the main course...the inimitable DJ Shadow remixing some tune I've probably never heard before, but it's music nevertheless.

 The main course is this mix.  Pretty chill for a hot Wednesday morning.  I wish I was outside listening to this by a pool somewhere, but sadly I'm just sitting here in front of a computer.

And for the visual accompaniment...If the Northeast insists on being this hot, I'm going to look at pictures of hunting cabins north of the Arctic Circle.  Here


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