Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Everywhere that Uncle Sam, has Even a Rural Delivery

With the news that the United States Post Office is going to cease Saturday delivery of regular mail for some reason this song got stuck on repeat in my brain.  This song is almost 100 years old and written by the incomparable W.C. Handy.  The line "Where the Southern cross' the Yellow Dog" is a reference to two train lines, the Southern Railway and the Yazoo Delta (Yellow Dog) and their intersection in Moorehead, Mississippi and it is on the Yellow Dog where W.C. Handy is supposed to have had his first encounter with the blues.

Here's Louis Armstrong and W.C. Handy on what can only be described as a classic rendering of this song.

Oh...and my prediction is that the USPS's days are numbered.  Watch the federal government amend the constitution and outsource mail delivery to FedEx.  You heard it here first.

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