Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Election Fraud

There will most likely be more types of these stories coming up in the next week or so... 

 Interesting information from 
"Arizona’s Maricopa County is home to sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose controversial (to put it mildly) record includes unconstitutionally awful conditions in the local jails, reinstituting prisoner chain gangs, terrorizing Latino residents, and staging an assassination plot against himself. Arpaio is in danger of being voted out of office in two weeks, but county election officials are giving him some help, ABC 15 in Arizona reports:" (Via

On this interesting article:
 "A spokesperson for the Maricopa County Elections Department admits they once again gave voters the wrong date of next month's election. Yvonne Reed confirms to ABC15 that bookmarks distributed by the elections department incorrectly listed the date of the general election in Spanish as November 8. The flip side of the bookmark correctly lists the date in English as November 6."
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